Opening for season 2020 - Rifugio Don Barbera opens on Tuesday 2 June.

We ask all hikers and guest to cooperate with us to comply with the COVID-19 emergency regulations.

Overnight stay

it is mandatory to bring:
  • personal sleeping bag
  • personal mules\slippers
  • mask

Rifugio services/food

it is mandatory to bring:
  • mask
We recommend that you bring gloves and disinfectant gel
We are obliged to provide mattress cover and disposable pillowcase to all those who sleep in the hut, so we will apply a surcharge of 3 euros on the cost of the overnight stay.

Don Umberto Barbera

Don Umberto Barbera Don Umberto Barbera was born in 1883 and took the priesthood in the Old Seminary of Albenga, he graduated elementary school teacher and when it was made the center of the school of religion, education and culture (now Opera of the Sacred Heart in Albenga), the founder Don Isola wanted him at his side, beacuse he had shown so much youthful enthusiasm, ability to attract and interview, authority and deep sense of service.

At the "Sacred Heart" has spent his life with young people, for young people, until 1946 when it pass off, leaving the community of Albenga deeply emotioned and startled.

Was dead who had played in the most exemplary, in addition to priestly duties, the task of driving the kids to capaire the meaning of life, to discover the beauty of nature, to have a sense of responsibility and honor, for the sake of having homeland, to instil respect for others.

Two whole generations have passed under him, was a man of action that united the religious and cultural physical education at the service of education of young people.

It has been a staunch supporter of the scouting movement and how it could offer students to introduce them to practice loyalty and friendship, to help them deal with the sacrifice, to know how to handle the difficulties, to live the experience of the nights in tents and of going it alone in the life of the field.

He took the kids to the mountains, to enjoy the effort of the ascent, the joy to conquered the summit, the enjoyment of unparalleled views, becoming enthusiast for the beauty of Creation.

"We were up there and the peace of God passed high over our heads": this phrase has such a great mountain guide, Guido Rey. Don Barbera, without knowing it, he had forwarded to the many who had followed him to the mountains, the life force and the deep call.

The love of the mountain, the mountain represents the ideal that, he had developed with the children and adults: the first reserving the Alpine mountain chain that surrounds us, the latter offering opportunities for challenging peaks such as Blanc, Matterhorn, Pink , Gran Paradiso, the Marmolada etc.. He taught us to listen to the voice of the forest, the silence of the rocks, the symphony of the heart that beats for the goal achieved ...

The Italian Alpine Club of Albenga was dedicated to Don Umberto Barbera Refuge built many years ago in this place, now that the dear old hut has been replaced by this new structure, is a reason for renewed joy to know that his name will continue to be This shade of Marguareis.

Rifugio Don Barbera - 2079 m

Località Colle dei Signori
Alta Valle Tanaro
Comune di Briga Alta - Upega
GPS: 44° 9' 29" 7° 40' 24"
N 44 09.489 E 7 40.412
44.158146, 7.673531

Periodo di apertura

Apertura estiva
Dal 02/06 al 18/10


Telefono rifugio:
(+39) 0174 086157
Telefono gestore solo nel periodo di chiusura
(+39) 3339117975

Informazioni meteo

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Vento: 1.67 m/s
Umidità: 25%
Temperatura: 2.71°
Prob. di precipitazioni: 0%
(13°|2°) - 12%
(15°|5°) - 6%
(15°|5°) - 8%
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