CHIUSURA: Purtroppo anche quest'anno la stagione sta per finire.. Il Rifugio Don Barbera chiuderà Mercoledì 16 Ottobre.
Grazie a tutti quelli che sono passati a trovarci, vi aspettiamo per la stagione 2020!

NEWS: From 2018 the Rifugio parking area has been moved to the Colle dei Signori.

So from the 2018 season you will park cars and motorcycles at the Colle dei Signori and you can reach the Refuge by walking a few minutes along the path or the old road.

In case of problems in reaching the Rifugio by foot from the new car park at Colle dei Signori (age or disability) do not worry, send your guide to warn us at the shelter and we will allow the vehicle to reach us.

Located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Marguareis under the "Colle dei Signori", Rifugio Don Barbera is situated at the foot of the queen of the Ligurian Alps: the Punta Marguareis, nestled between Piedmont, Liguria and France.

A world of mountains where already you can sense the scent of the sea...
A place where everything is the result of environments, cultures and stories, impacting one another, give rise to a particular situation. Here colorful plants, flowers and endemic species are distributed on a unique terrain that hides a vast cave system.

"Colle dei Signori" (Hill of the Lords) has always been an important stop on the ancient trails, such as Via del Sale (the path of the salt, an ancient way that allowed travellers to reach the sea from the internal zones of the Piedmont and vice-versa), the Via Marenca and the Path of the Alpini. For its location, the refuge can be reached easily from the valleys Pesio, Ellero, Tanaro, Roja and Vermenagna thus representing an important and strategic destination point for various hiking routes, crossings and excursions.
The Rifugio is included in the Tour of Marguareis, a beautiful trek through unforgettable scenarios and environments .

So, with that said, we invite you to visit us.

Met, Ga & la Banda del Tasso

Rifugio Don Barbera - 2079 m

Località Colle dei Signori
Alta Valle Tanaro
Comune di Briga Alta - Upega
GPS: 44° 9' 29" 7° 40' 24"
N 44 09.489 E 7 40.412
44.158146, 7.673531

Periodo di apertura

Apertura estiva
Dal 08/06 al 16/10


Telefono rifugio:
(+39) 0174 086157
Telefono gestore solo nel periodo di chiusura
(+39) 3339117975

Informazioni meteo

Mon 20/01 23:58
Vento: 3.91 m/s
Umidità: 56%
Temperatura: -4.31°
Prob. di precipitazioni: 2%
(4°|-4°) - 5%
(7°|0°) - 3%
(7°|-1°) - 10%
sorgente dati: Powered by Dark Sky
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